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Regular Running raises your stamina.

Weight Loss

Weight loss helps you to remain fit.


Bodybuilding helps you to stay healthy for a long time.

Club Timings

Week Days :
Morning - Evening - 06.30 am -10.30 pm
Saturday :
Morning - Evening - 06.30 am -10.30 pm
Sunday :
Morning - Evening - 06.30 am -10.30 pm

24hrs Helpline

We offer 24 hrs helpline for our members so that we can help them in a better way in order to make them healthy & fit.

  • Office : 0141-2372002


Located at a prime place in c-scheme, X CORE FITNESSN is a club founded which caters to all the varied needs and requirements of fitness enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to not only help you achieve the ideal body you have always dreamed of, but we also set new benchmarks of fitness and health by helping up with all the international fads. Today x core fitness is well known names in fitness helping people lead a fitter, happier life.

Our gym allows every customer or member to be healthy our goal is to deliver motivations to them in order to make them healthy and fit.

We also want to develop an motivational environment in our gym so that more and more member or newcomers would be healthy and get motivated from the other members.

At x core, an entire floor is dedicated to cardiovascular exercise, that not only helps change your body but also strengthen your heart and lungs. The equipment that we use is from CYBEX, which is a leading brand which is known for its award-winning equipment, that is engineered to produce faster fitness results with minimal stress on joints. We make your body perfect in perfect shape by giving you the training .
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
X-CORE Fitness also offers you different types of Martial Arts Training Exercises for fitness. We provide MMA classes to build exceptional strength, stamina, and discipline. It includes Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, judo, boxing, kickboxing and other disciplines.It develops endurance, improves balance & coordination & teaches personal safety.We have highly qualified professional trainers for that.
X-CORE Fitness Studio also aims at the strength & weight measurement section that's why the another floor of our fitness club is dedicated to strength & weight section.It not only increases your physical work capacity, it also improves bone density and promotes fat-free body mass.It also increases your metabolism to help you burn more calories.The dumbbells at X-CORE FITNESS are from Alex and the plates are IVANKO.

Products of gym


These are the type gym equipments that are used for weight training


Kettlebells can be said as the primary equipment for weight lifting

Spin Bikes

It is basically a cardio gym equipment basically used to burn the fat.

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