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Centrally Located

Located at a prime place in c-scheme, Jaipur. Rajasthan

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Complete Fitness Hub

It is a club founded which caters to all the varied needs and requirements of fitness enthusiasts. That's why today x core fitness is well known names in fitness helping people lead a fitter, happier life.

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Professional Coach

We are dedicated to not only help you achieve the ideal body you have always dreamed of, but we also set new benchmarks of fitness and health by helping up with all the international fads.

About Us

We believe in being different. Not merely for the sake of being dissimilar, but different by being the best in the fitness industry. We set out with one simple and honest goal in mind; to be sensitive to our member’s needs and fitness requirements. Our ideology is to provide our members with the best fitness technologies and services that no others can provide. We listen, we are sensitive to your needs, and most importantly, we thus know what you, as a gym-goer, want.
X-CORE Fitness is a trademark specialized in commercial cardio fitness equipment, strength machines and indoor cycling bikes and it has been created to satisfy the needs of professionals in the area of fitness and its customers. X-CORE Fitness is characterized by a unique design combined with a strong component of innovation, where every single detail was carefully thought in order to provide users with a cozy and comfortable workout.

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Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy
25.0 - 29.9 Overweight
30 and Above Obese

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Our Classes



X-CORE offers group exercises done by a group & guided by personal trainer.


Dumbbell Gym

Dumbbells exercises are the most important exercises for the weight training exercises to burn fat.


Lifting Weight

Lifting Weight helps you to burn the calories quickly enough to be in the best shape for a longer period of time.



Stretching is the type of exercise that is performed in order to raise the compatibility of your body.


Jump Rope

Jump rope helps you to burn the calories quickly to burn the fat.



Pulling helps you to develop strength and tones your muscle.



Zumba is a contemporary way of getting into shape by reducing fat and weight. This energetic activity engages each and every muscle of the body with some quick and patterned movements.


MMA classes

The academy teaches the following prominent MMA techniques. We also introduce our students to techniques from Martial Arts like Judo and Sambo.


Dance Classes

We believe that dancing is not only a form of exercise but also a skill that builds up confidence and teaches people how to have fun! Having a team of specialized dancers for every dance form, we mold the students’ postures, gestures and dancing skills that add on to their beauty of expression through dance.


Yoga Classes

Yoga Gym is designed to support you at whatever stage of health and fitness you are at. Joining the Yoga Gym Community gives you the opportunity to choose from three 12 week plans specially designed for the most common fitness and yoga goals.